E-Waste in Michigan

Electronic waste accounts for 10% of waste in the United States and can harm public health and the environment if not recycled properly. Many states including Michigan have attempted to legislatively control the issue of e-waste with varying levels of success. In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive answer to these questions about e-waste… Continue reading E-Waste in Michigan

What Are E-Waste Companies?

As electronic waste becomes a larger and more necessary issue, companies are taking advantage of the niche business area of e-waste management. But what are these companies and what do they do? E-waste companies are recycling businesses that accept electronic waste. The waste is sorted so that valuable material can be sold or reused, and… Continue reading What Are E-Waste Companies?

What is an E-Waste Fee?

Electronic waste (e-waste for short) is a growing issue with the rise in the production and consumption of electronic devices. Proper recycling of electronic devices is important to ensure that no toxins from the devices can get into our air, soil, and water. However, recycling electronic devices comes at a considerable cost, this is where… Continue reading What is an E-Waste Fee?